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The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Nashville Chapter obtained National membership by National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (NABSMC) December 2009. The Nashville, TN Chapter is the fourth Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Chapter in the state of Tennessee and the 85th Chapter in the National Charter. The Memphis, TN Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers is the Mother Chapter for the state. There are numerous Buffalo Soldier Chapters throughout the United States with a membership totaling of over 2,000 riders. We are a non-profit motorcycle club dedicated to providing service to our community and educating our youth of significant contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers assigned to the 9th and 10th Calvary. We also strive to present ourselves as positive role models to the youth and other motorcycle riders within our communities.


The Nashville Tennessee Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club was founded December 2009 with 5 full members, 2 probationary members, and 2 associate members. We are an organization of African American men and women dedicated to the sport of motorcycle riding and safety. We support the preservation of our African American history. We gladly provide mentorship and education to those unaware of the true history of the 9th and 10th Calvary units. We wear the colors, and ride under the name "Buffalo Soldiers" to express our pride and respect for our comrades and those that have gone before us to path the way. Each member has a passion for excellence and is dedicated and motivated to give back to our communities.


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